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KEDRICK STOREY: My high school football Fridays will never be the same

It’s a given that no one get’s out of this world alive. It’s the untimely departures that make that fact so hard to take. Last Thursday, I was shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of longtime Walnut Football stat man Tim Jones. To this sports writer, he was Walnut Football. Seeing him walk the […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Ripley, Lafayette 9-inning affair filled with clutch-play on both sides

Tuesday’s matchup between Div. 2-4A leaders Ripley and Lafayette was littered with a plethora of big moments, huge plays and dynamite playmakers. The environment outside the lines wasn’t exactly playoff-like. It was laid back from my vantage point. The play on the field? Very playoff-like. An early example: In the first inning, Ripley catcher Tucker Childers […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: A special day indeed

Saturday, March 28 was a special day for me. I was given the pleasure of throwing out the First Pitch at the Ripley High School baseball game. I never imagined I would be asked to throw out the first pitch at any baseball game, on any level. That’s for famous people like the President of […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Fond basketball memories

Earlier this month I spent about 10 days in Jackson for the MHSAA State Basketball Tournament. I saw some good basketball. I like the new playoff format. I think the fact that now four teams can qualify for Jackson takes away some of the excitement of actually making it to Jackson, but having to win […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Let’s kick Ripley out of the Tippah County Tournament

All in favor of kicking the Ripley Lady Tigers and Tigers out of the Tippah County Basketball Tournament say aye. If you said aye, ask yourself why. You’re probably thinking one of these reasons: They’re a bigger school…They have more kids to pick from, thus they can select better athletes…They always win and that makes […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Hats off to Falkner, Ripley and Walnut football

The high school football seasons for Tippah County schools came to an end as the Ripley Tigers lost at Greenwood and Falkner suffered a home defeat to Broad Street. Walnut lost the previous week to South Delta. Individually, the players, coaches, stat keepers, managers and anyone else associated with the teams have nothing to hang […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Remembering Chris Blackmon

The thing about working at a weekly newspaper is sometimes the sports reporter has to slide over and be a general news reporter. The thing about being a general news reporter is sometimes you have to cover tragedies. The thing about covering tragedies is that you sometimes personally know the victims. As is the case […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Selflessness at 100 percent

I wonder how good a team could be if each one of the players—regardless of skill level—never thought of themselves, but only about the benefit of the team? How effective could a team be if each one in the sum of its parts committed 100 percent of their individual effort to support the team’s goals, […]

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Make new memories at Tippah Lake

We turned off Highway 15 and made our final track down the road to our destination.  It seemed to take forever to get there. We passed house after house and field after field. Still the end was not in sight. This had to be the longest road in Tippah County. Robin and I, in the […]

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KEDRICK STOREY: Faithful messengers

The Pine Grove Lady Panthers are having an unbelievable season. A season with a message we can all hearken too. I am far from the best Christian on the planet, but I do believe the word of God is absolute truth. So do the Pine Grove Lady Panthers. If you ask any of the players […]

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